While more and more people in many states around the nation are able to enjoy the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, New York residents are not able to do so. However, many people in the state can use pot legally for medicinal purposes. Even while legal, this may lead people to being accused of driving while impaired. While field sobriety tests and breath test devices are used for determining a driver’s level of impairment by alcohol, it has remained a challenge for law enforcement to find a way to identify impairment among drivers due to the use of pot.

The Drive recently reported that a company in California called Hound Labs has developed what it says is a device that is accurately able to determine impairment due to marijuana by taking a breath sample. The product measures the level of THC in a person’s system. THC is said to be the active ingredient in marijuana.

However, Live Science indicates that a paper published in Trends in Molecular Science, some researchers put forth the notion that measuring a driver’s THC does not provide an accurate picture of their impairment or even any recency of the use of pot. This is based on several facts including the fact that the body stores THC in fat and releases it in bits and spurts over the course of time. For people who use marijuana on a regular basis, THC might stay in the body for up to a month.

It is encouraged that substances other than THC be evaluated when trying to accurately identify a driver’s impairment as there are more than 500 elements in marijuana.