Many people in New York might not always know who could become the target of white collar crime charges in the United States. Some might believe that a person must be a U.S. citizen to face such charges. The reality of the matter is that a person does not have to be a citizen of the U.S. to be charged with offenses like conspiracy, fraud and more in this country.

One example can be seen in the case of a well-known boxer who heralds from the Republic of Georgia, part of the former Soviet Union. The man is 39 years old and has reportedly won several events in his sport. However, his athletic career may well be on hold for a while if a criminal sentence he recently received is upheld.

As reported by the Bleacher Report, in the earlier part of the summer this year, the boxer was found guilty of charges that involved conspiracy to commit wire fraud and violation of anti-racketeering laws in the U.S. These charges could have sent the man to prison for as long as 40 years.

In a court in New York, the boxer was recently sentenced to spend 10 years in prison. During the case it was alleged that the defendant was an enforcer for a mob group from the Soviet countries. No details have yet been released as to what led the court to give him a 10-year sentence versus the potential maximum of 40 years. It is also not known yet whether or not the defendant will attempt to appeal his conviction.