New York does not necessarily have the reputation of being a theft-free city, but that fact does not excuse overzealous law enforcement and state prosecution policies that could unjustly cost you your freedom. The team here at the Brooklyn office of Neil S. Ruskin fights every day to preserve and strengthen your individual rights against this type of onslaught. 

Many of our clients contact us while they are still frightened about the future consequences of a set of charges. This is no coincidence. Law enforcement investigators often attempt to instill fear in the people they are investigating or arresting, and many of our clients naturally fall victim to this tactic. The first thing we try to do is tell them that, by calling us, they have someone on their side. 

If you look at the New York Consolidated Law, you should see that the burden of proof is heavy on the prosecution. For example, here is what the state would need to prove to win a case involving criminal possession in the fifth degree against one of our clients:

  • The accused possessed stolen property
  • The accused had knowledge of the possession
  • There was an intent to benefit someone other than the owner or to stop the owner from getting the property back

The state would probably not, for example, have a good case for this charge if their evidence did not show any intent to benefit from the stolen property. Furthermore, investigators would have to collect and process all evidence according to the law. Please read more on our main site for details.