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October 2018 Archives

What happens if I get pulled over at a sobriety checkpoint?

‘Tis the season for family, friends, merriment and – sobriety checkpoints? You and other New York residents may not be surprised to see the familiar checkpoints popping up during the holiday season, but you might not know exactly what they entail.

The test for legal insanity in criminal cases

When a court suspects that a criminal was legally insane at the time he or she committed the crime for which he or she stands trial, it may not hold the person accountable by reason of insanity. For an insanity defense to apply in New York, the defendant must prove that he or she did not comprehend what he or she was doing; that he or she acted on an irrepressible impulse; or that he or she failed to distinguish right from wrong at the time of the crime. To ensure that defendants do not abuse the insanity defense, the courts have implemented a four-part test. 

You should never take mortgage fraud lightly

Working in the real estate industry is much more complicated than those outside the industry may expect, especially when it comes to coordinating the many parties involved to complete a transaction. Here in New York, and in most parts of the country, most people purchase property using a mortgage, adding many layers of complexity.

Addiction leads to drug charge

People in New York and around the country continue to watch as more and more people struggle with addiction to opioid drugs. This problem continues to plague society and shows no respect for age, gender, class or any other demographic statistic. The fact remains that anyone can become addicted to these drugs. That means anyone can be at risk of a criminal charge related to these drugs when their addiction fuels them to take actions they would not otherwise take.

Professors accused of sexual misconduct with drugs

When hearing about someone accused of improperly using or selling drugs in New York, a person might immediately conjure up a particular stereotype of who that defendant might be. A professor at a criminal justice college is not likely to be the image that results. However, today, multiple professors at the College of Criminal Justice in New York City are facing these types of allegations.

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