People in New York and around the country continue to watch as more and more people struggle with addiction to opioid drugs. This problem continues to plague society and shows no respect for age, gender, class or any other demographic statistic. The fact remains that anyone can become addicted to these drugs. That means anyone can be at risk of a criminal charge related to these drugs when their addiction fuels them to take actions they would not otherwise take.

A recent example of this can be seen in Kenmore, New York, where the chief of police has reportedly admitted his own struggle with and addiction to a controlled substance. As reported by WKBW, the man was said to have taken hydrocodone pills from a medication drop box in the Kenmore police station. In his desk were said to be at least 100 hydrocodone pills. It is not known when or how his addiction began.

Authorities indicate there is no evidence that the man ever attempted to sell the drugs or engage in any other illegal activities related to them. The taking of these pills seems to be connected solely to feeding an addiction.

Nonetheless, the man has been removed from his job as police chief and has been officially charged with a federal drug crime for possession of a Schedule II controlled substance. He may face time in prison and a high fine if he is eventually convicted. It is unclear how or if his addiction may factor into the outcome of his case.