When hearing about someone accused of improperly using or selling drugs in New York, a person might immediately conjure up a particular stereotype of who that defendant might be. A professor at a criminal justice college is not likely to be the image that results. However, today, multiple professors at the College of Criminal Justice in New York City are facing these types of allegations.

According to a report in The New York Times, at least four professors have been placed on leave with pay by the college yet other professors still actively on duty may also be the subject of allegations. Among the accusations are allegations that professors gave drugs to female students to either rape them or force them to become prostitutes. Two of the women who have made such allegations include a recent graduate of the school who is 24 years old and a current adjunct professor who is 39 years old and who previously attended the school.

The report suggests that the school was first made aware of the allegations approximately five months ago yet did not contact external authorities at that time. Instead, the college chose to conduct its own investigation. In September, some drugs and drug paraphernalia that were found by campus security the previous month was apparently handed over to authorities. 

Some of the allegations are said to go back four years to 2014. The professors involved have at this time refuted the allegations as completely false and continue to assert their innocence in the matter.