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December 2018 Archives

Drivers should beware after drinking

New York is perhaps the hub of New Year's Eve celebrations in America as countless tourists flock to the city to see the ball drop in Times Square at midnight. This is an event that is commonly central to festivities across the nation as it graces screens from coast to coast. When the ball has dropped at the start of the New Year is officially heralded, many people toast with a glass of champagne or some other alcoholic beverage. 

Prescription drug crackdowns can lead more people to heroin

The epidemic of Americans addicted to opioid and opiate medications has reached an alarming point across the country. There are very few communities and neighborhoods that do not see some impact of opioid or opiate addiction. People from all backgrounds and all walks of life can quickly find themselves dependent on narcotic pain medication.

Multi-year investigation leads to agent's arrest

Residents in New York who hear stories about people being arrested and charged with drug-related crimes might have a preconceived idea in their minds about the people who find themselves in these positions. Contrary to many of the stereotypes, even very responsible people and citizens can end up being the subject of a criminal investigation and arrest and this includes those people who work in law enforcement.

What types of corporate fraud does the FBI look out for?

The FBI reportedly coined the term "white collar crime" back in 1939, a term that has since become synonymous with a wide range of fraudulent activities that business professionals commit in New York and other locales throughout the nation. The bureau makes corporate fraud one of its highest criminal priorities not only because it causes significant financial loss to investors but also, because it causes immeasurable damage to the U.S. economy. If you are at all worried about your business dealings, it is helpful to know what the FBI views as corporate fraud so that you may avoid similar activities. 

What is conspiracy?

Essentially, a conspiracy consists of two different aspects: a plan among two or more people to commit an unlawful act and an action taken toward the completion of that act. According to FindLaw, if you involve yourself in a conspiracy to commit a crime in New York, and you and your co-conspirators successfully complete the crime, you may not only face charges for the crime itself but for the conspiracy as well. Even if you and your alleged co-conspirators did not complete the crime, you may still face conviction on conspiracy charges. Therefore, involvement in a conspiracy can carry some pretty serious legal consequences.

How do Americans view drinking into the new year?

For a lot of Americans, the plan is essentially to drink their way into the new year. It's not just about staying up until the ball drops on January 1. It's about already feeling buzzed after hours of drinking at the tail end of the previous year. And then, for many, the party doesn't stop until the early hours of the next morning.

Business owner accused of grand larceny

Residents in New York may have heard news reports about other people being accused of robbery or larceny and might be confused about what these terms mean and how they may be different. Both robbery and larceny are forms of stealing or theft but robbery charges are used when some amount of force is said to have been involved in the incident. Larceny refers to the theft of some personal property that does not involve any force. 

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