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January 2019 Archives

Primary differences between tax fraud and negligence

Tax evasion and tax fraud are two different types of white collar crimes. Both of them can result in serious penalty, however. They also share enough similarities that some people may use the terms interchangeably, despite the heavy differences that also exist.

What is the difference between a pardon and a commutation?

You may be one of many people in New York with questions about executive clemency after a series of well-publicized cases in the news. The President of the United States, as well as state governors, have the right to show clemency to people convicted of a crime. In other words, if you go to prison after a criminal trial, officials of the executive branch of government at both the state and national levels are able to change the terms of your sentence upon review of your case.

Medical billing professionals often held responsible for fraud

When the media talks about Medicaid and Medicare fraud, they almost always focus on individuals receiving benefits they don't necessarily deserve. However, fraud perpetrated by medical professionals costs the government the most money. Doctors and other medical providers can abuse their position of trust and authority to intentionally overbill the government for services rendered.

New York caretaker accused of home deed theft

As the New York City real estate market heats up, suspected cases of deed theft have been on the rise for several years. Authorities claim that the unlawful practice has reached crisis levels in Brooklyn, where a caretaker allegedly forced an 85-year-old diabetic homeowner to sign the deed to the home over to him in an attempt to sell at a profit. The former caretaker is now under indictment on counts of identity theft, grand larceny and ten others.

How could Kelley Blue Book correlate with your time served?

If you're a fan of Mercedes-Benz, you probably already appreciate the specs involved with a finely-tuned AMG engine, safety features like ATTENTION ASSIST and the status the brand carries. For some people who can't afford these luxury vehicles, the thought of stealing one may seem tempting. But, did you know that the value of the stolen vehicle could factor into your penalties?

U.S. sees drop in white collar crime cases

Residents in New York might feel that they hear a lot about white collar crime cases, especially those involving some very high-profile people. This may well be due in part to the fact that New York City is the financial heart of the country. However, despite a seemingly excessive amount of media attention on these types of cases lately, recent statistics show that the number of such cases being prosecuted has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Arrest on federal drug charges for N.Y. substance abuse expert

People who take steps to recover from drug addiction sometimes turn their experience toward helping others with substance abuse problems. However, even one who has apparently had successes on the road to recovery can relapse. That appears to be what has happened to a faculty member at the University of Buffalo medical school following his recent arrest on drug charges. 

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