Receiving a drunk driving charge in New York City is a very serious matter. Along with possibly injuring yourself and others, you’ll also be subject to a variety of penalties in the aftermath of your arrest. Very Well Mind explains what you can expect if you’re caught driving while intoxicated.

Court appearance

During your court appearance, you’ll be provided the opportunity to enter your plea. If you plead not guilty, you’ll be faced with evidence of your inebriation at the time of your arrest. Many arrests are recorded using a dashcam, and it’s not uncommon for law enforcement to play this footage to dispute not guilty pleas. If you plead guilty, you’ll be sentenced based on the detail of your arrest.

License suspension

It’s likely you’ll lose your ability to drive after your conviction. License suspensions are usually short for first-time offenders unless the circumstances call for harsher penalties. For subsequent offenses, a driver may lose driving privileges or even be faced with a permanent revocation. Some states allow you to apply for a hardship license, which allows limited driving privileges for the duration of your license suspension.   

Fines & jail time

The amount of your fine varies depending on a few factors. Minimum fines cover first-time offenders, but it’s possible to receive a larger fine in this case, especially if you cause injuries to other drivers or are traveling with a minor passenger. Jail time is also likely, especially for repeat offenders. Most people are also subject to a probationary period after their arrest. Violating the terms of probation will result in a return to jail and additional penalties.