In New York, theft crimes are treated with a heavy hand. However, Neil S. Ruskin, attorney at law, understands that every instance of theft has a human element to it that the courts usually overlook in favor of ensuring that you are put in jail. It’s a quick system, but inefficient in targeting the real issues.

So what are the real issues, exactly? Theft can come from many different places. A few include places of desperation, such as intense situations of poverty. One may also have a sense of desperation if there is a chemical or drug dependency of some sort thrown into the equation. Many people who are addicted to drugs find themselves doing things that both they and their loved ones would consider “out of character”, simply because the drive to possess more drugs and chase the high can be so intense and overwhelming.

Underlying mental issues also play a potential part. Many types of disorders can lend themselves to destructive, compulsive, or harmful behaviors. These behaviors can manifest differently in people. For you, theft may simply be a manifestation of a previously undetected – or possibly untreated – mental illness. In all of these cases, treatment options would be much better for you than jail time.

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