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April 2019 Archives

Recognizing the elements of a pyramid scheme

Most New York residents know it is important to protect themselves against white-collar crimes such as identity theft and mortgage fraud. However, fraud relating to securities and commodities is also fairly common, though it may be harder to identify. A pyramid scheme is one type of fraud that has existed for a long time. Understanding the marks of a pyramid scheme may help people avoid losing their money in such a crime.

Reaching .08%: What it takes

People who choose to drink and drive put themselves and others in danger. For that reason, many people choose to carry their own personal Breathalyzers or to get rides home from events or locations when they plan on drinking.

What is fentanyl and why is it so dangerous?

There is no denying the many news accounts of overdose deaths these days. It seems to be a major source of stress for everyone with many people touched by the epidemic. The main culprit is opioid drugs. As you hear more about these addictions and deaths in New York, you may hear more about a drug called fentanyl. This may make you wonder if the problem is shifting from heroin to this other drug.

Two dozen people charged in alleged Medicare scam

An alleged scheme to defraud Medicare of billions of dollars stretched across the United States, including New York, and has thus far resulted in criminal charges for two dozen people since authorities broke it up on Tuesday. As the investigation is still ongoing, and available evidence implicates 130 medical equipment companies, it seems possible that further charges could be forthcoming. 

Minimum 20-year sentence for man in swatting incident

Swatting involves calling authorities to falsely report a crime and provide a made-up address in an attempt to send a SWAT team to the location. The prank occurs commonly within the online gaming community in areas across the country, including New York. In November 2018, a 26-year-old man from California pleaded guilty to charges related to a swatting incident the previous year in which authorities mistakenly shot and killed a man later presumed to be innocent of any crime. A federal court recently sentenced the California man to 20 to 25 years in prison, reportedly the longest sentence imposed to date for similar types of hoaxes.

Tax season can lead some New Yorkers to tax fraud charges

Mid-April may be when flowers really start to bloom and the weather starts to turn pleasant in much of New York. Unfortunately, many people are too stressed about tax season to truly enjoy these weeks of transitional weather. Every April, workers, business owners, contractors and investors across the country struggle to make sense of the changes and updates to the federal tax code.

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