There is no denying the many news accounts of overdose deaths these days. It seems to be a major source of stress for everyone with many people touched by the epidemic. The main culprit is opioid drugs. As you hear more about these addictions and deaths in New York, you may hear more about a drug called fentanyl. This may make you wonder if the problem is shifting from heroin to this other drug.

Fentanyl is similar to heroin, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is a synthetic opioid and sold as a prescription drug. It is used as a pain medication. This all fairly similar to heroin, but the main difference is its strength. Fentanyl is incredibly potent. It is often used for people who have built a tolerance to other opioids so that those drugs n o longer work. Because it is stronger, it works better for these people.

However, when misused, it is terribly dangerous. It only takes a very small amount to lead to an overdose. Many people do not buy fentanyl on purpose. They get it because dealers mix it with other drugs to increase the amount of drugs they have, so they can make more money. This is dangerous to the user, though, because they usually do not know the drugs contain fentanyl.

Taking too much fentanyl leads to slowed breathing. This reduces the oxygen levels in the body and leads to the brain not getting enough oxygen. Eventually, this leads to death. The opioid crisis was bad enough before fentanyl started becoming more prevalent, but now, it is terrifying because this drug is so deadly. This information is for education and is not legal advice.