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May 2019 Archives

The 4th of July brings the potential for sobriety checkpoints

Independence Day is one of the most popular American holidays. Many full-time workers get the day off, even if it falls in the middle of the week. After all, it is a federal holiday. Even those who still have to work will usually try their hardest to participate in some celebration, whether it is watching an evening fireworks display with their friends or attending a barbecue before they have to leave for work.

When online behavior becomes a crime

Social media and other forms of online communication can be useful tools, but like any tool, they can be as harmful with misuse as they can be helpful when utilized correctly. It is not always possible for New York residents like you to keep your online communication positive, but we at the law offices of Neil S. Ruskin caution you that some negative interactions you have with others through the internet can cross the line into criminal behavior if they are persistent or come across as threatening. 

Fentanyl replacing heroin as dominant New York City drug

In many western states, heroin remains prevalent and readily available to those who use it, but in New York City and other areas along the eastern seaboard, its presence seems to be fading. Nevertheless, it seems that heroin's decline is more attributable to the rise of fentanyl, another more potent and more accessible drug, taking its place as the drug of choice for distributors than any public health efforts to stem the use of heroin.

What is the statute is limitations?

When it comes to a criminal charge in New York, there is usually something called a statute of limitations. It is well worth your time to understand what this means and how it applies to your case. The concept is very important when it comes to charges against you and going to court because it could mean you cannot be charged with a crime.

Understanding shoplifting laws in New York

It's very easy to become falsely accused of shoplifting because mistakes can happen. Most of us engage in transactions in stores almost every day of our lives, and while the vast majority of these experiences will be unproblematic, there can be instances where misunderstandings occur.

What is constructive possession?

If you face New York illegal drug possession charges, you need to know about constructive possession, both what it is and how it works. FindLaw explains that constructive possession constitutes one of the ways in which the prosecutor can prove that you owned, controlled or otherwise possessed the illegal drugs that officers recovered from the scene.

New York to cease license suspensions after drug convictions

For many years now, people in New York who were convicted of any criminal drug offense have been subject to having their drivers' licenses suspended. This was due to a federal regulation enacted in 1994 when the war on drugs was in its prime. States that failed to comply would lose some precious federal funds for highways. 

Only some impaired driving offenses are misdemeanors in New York

Allegations of impaired driving, also called driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving while ability impaired by alcohol (DWAI) can have lasting consequences for you as a citizen. Jail time, fines, a criminal record and the revocation of your license are all potential consequences of such charges.

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