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June 2019 Archives

Theft by extortion

The word "theft" seems to imply an element of secrecy (as in one stealing something without another knowing it). Transactions conducted in the broad daylight certainly would not fall under this category. Yet that is where you could be wrong. Several clients have come to members of our team here at Neil S. Ruskin Attorney at Law accused of engaging in an activity many may not normally associate with theft: extortion. When you conduct your business, there may be times when circumstances dictate that you "play hardball" with those you are negotiating with. The question then becomes when might tactics cross the line and be considered criminal. 

Taking cocaine to a summer get-together could be a costly mistake

Kicking back and enjoying yourself during the summer can look like a lot of different things. It might look like a ball game with your friends or heading out to the park with your family. For some people, it could be enjoying a backyard bonfire with a few beers or going out clubbing late at night with your friends.

Drug company liability for opioid crisis sought in lawsuits

Many people in New York know someone who has struggled with an addiction problem or they may even themselves have personally experienced this type of challenge. Sadly, many people who become addicted to drugs develop their addiction after being prescribed a legal medication by a doctor or other health care provider. Once an addiction sets in, it can initiate a downward spiral in which a person becomes compelled to do things they might not otherwise simply to feed their addiction.

Bad donut allegedly to blame for bus driver's DUI

Most states, including New York, treat DWI as a serious offense, especially when it potentially endangers children. This is no less true in Texas, where authorities arrested a school bus driver last week. Witnesses who allegedly saw the bus swerving dangerously called 911 to report the incident. After pulling the bus over, authorities administered sobriety tests, alleging that she failed "miserably."

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