Most states, including New York, treat DWI as a serious offense, especially when it potentially endangers children. This is no less true in Texas, where authorities arrested a school bus driver last week. Witnesses who allegedly saw the bus swerving dangerously called 911 to report the incident. After pulling the bus over, authorities administered sobriety tests, alleging that she failed “miserably.”

The arrest happened on an afternoon while the driver was transporting children home from school. Law enforcement released the 55-year-old woman on a $100 bond following her arrest on misdemeanor charges of driving while intoxicated. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the bus company that employs her has placed her on suspension.

However, the driver denies having consumed any alcohol for many years. Rather, she claims that she ate a bad donut at the school that made her sick. She alleges that a “wheel fell off a curb” as she was driving because of the severe stomach pain she claims to have experienced.

The driver’s explanation for her reported failure of field sobriety tests is that they were too hard to accomplish even in the absence of alcohol. It is currently unknown if the driver underwent any medical examination to assess her claims of stomach pain or whether law enforcement performed any chemical testing to confirm or rule out the presence of alcohol in her system. 

The court has scheduled the driver to make an appearance on June 10th. It may be a good idea for those facing drunk driving charges to contact a defense attorney in the hopes of avoiding conviction and serious penalties.