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Shoplifting in New York can lead to significant consequences

When compared to other, more serious crimes, shoplifting, also known as petty/petit larceny or retail fraud, doesn't seem so serious. Many people think of shoplifting as a victimless crime, one that mostly teenagers commit. However, retailers and law enforcement in New York City take shoplifting offenses very seriously.

Can you refuse to cooperate with a prosecutor?

Recently, a man named Sam Nunberg, involved with the F.B.I.'s the investigation into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, made appearances on several news programs and other new outlets, making a variety of alarming claims. Among them, he claimed that he simply would not cooperate with the investigation and verbally dared the Robert Mueller, the lead prosecutor, to arrest him if and when he does not comply with a subpoena.

When must police read you your Miranda rights?

Miranda rights form an important protection for suspects of all kinds in the American justice system. The law requires police to read a suspect his or her Miranda rights when an interaction crosses two important thresholds, but an officer may still collect statements that may later incriminate a person who does not realize his or her statements already qualify as evidence.

New state law benefits those accused of crimes

For many years, one of the most difficult aspects of any criminal defense in the state of New York was identifying and handling the prosecution's evidence against a suspect. Now, however, the process of discovery is finally undergoing overdue reform hopefully leaving unfair evidence-sharing practices in the past.

Did a retailer unreasonably detain you for shoplifting?

A person may face accusations of shoplifting for any number of reasons, some legitimate and some baseless. However, even if a retailer catches a person shoplifting, they have very limited abilities to detain that person, and often far overstep their authority when dealing with shoplifting suspects.

Common examples of drug crimes

Everyone knows that a drug crime involves an illegal substance, but not everyone is familiar with the various ways that you can get in trouble with the law regarding illegal substances.

Can I challenge the results of a breathalyzer?

Many of us pay specific attention to the number of drinks that we have in a given night, and may even space out drinks with glasses of water to maintain sobriety more easily. However, even for those who take special care to remain in control while drinking may find that they are technically over the limit if an officer stops them and administers a sobriety test.

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