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Drug Crimes Archives

Drug company liability for opioid crisis sought in lawsuits

Many people in New York know someone who has struggled with an addiction problem or they may even themselves have personally experienced this type of challenge. Sadly, many people who become addicted to drugs develop their addiction after being prescribed a legal medication by a doctor or other health care provider. Once an addiction sets in, it can initiate a downward spiral in which a person becomes compelled to do things they might not otherwise simply to feed their addiction.

Fentanyl replacing heroin as dominant New York City drug

In many western states, heroin remains prevalent and readily available to those who use it, but in New York City and other areas along the eastern seaboard, its presence seems to be fading. Nevertheless, it seems that heroin's decline is more attributable to the rise of fentanyl, another more potent and more accessible drug, taking its place as the drug of choice for distributors than any public health efforts to stem the use of heroin.

What is constructive possession?

If you face New York illegal drug possession charges, you need to know about constructive possession, both what it is and how it works. FindLaw explains that constructive possession constitutes one of the ways in which the prosecutor can prove that you owned, controlled or otherwise possessed the illegal drugs that officers recovered from the scene.

New York to cease license suspensions after drug convictions

For many years now, people in New York who were convicted of any criminal drug offense have been subject to having their drivers' licenses suspended. This was due to a federal regulation enacted in 1994 when the war on drugs was in its prime. States that failed to comply would lose some precious federal funds for highways. 

What is fentanyl and why is it so dangerous?

There is no denying the many news accounts of overdose deaths these days. It seems to be a major source of stress for everyone with many people touched by the epidemic. The main culprit is opioid drugs. As you hear more about these addictions and deaths in New York, you may hear more about a drug called fentanyl. This may make you wonder if the problem is shifting from heroin to this other drug.

Arrest on federal drug charges for N.Y. substance abuse expert

People who take steps to recover from drug addiction sometimes turn their experience toward helping others with substance abuse problems. However, even one who has apparently had successes on the road to recovery can relapse. That appears to be what has happened to a faculty member at the University of Buffalo medical school following his recent arrest on drug charges. 

Multi-year investigation leads to agent's arrest

Residents in New York who hear stories about people being arrested and charged with drug-related crimes might have a preconceived idea in their minds about the people who find themselves in these positions. Contrary to many of the stereotypes, even very responsible people and citizens can end up being the subject of a criminal investigation and arrest and this includes those people who work in law enforcement.

Can drug court participation help keep you out of jail?

As a New York resident who is currently facing a drug charge, you may have justifiable concerns about potentially having to serve time behind bars. Depending on the details surrounding your drug crime and whether you have an existing criminal history, however, you may be able to enter a drug court program instead of serving time in jail. Available to some offenders, drug courts seek to reduce crime and the number of people housed in the state’s prison system by addressing what is so often the root cause of criminal behavior: drug addiction.

Addiction leads to drug charge

People in New York and around the country continue to watch as more and more people struggle with addiction to opioid drugs. This problem continues to plague society and shows no respect for age, gender, class or any other demographic statistic. The fact remains that anyone can become addicted to these drugs. That means anyone can be at risk of a criminal charge related to these drugs when their addiction fuels them to take actions they would not otherwise take.

Professors accused of sexual misconduct with drugs

When hearing about someone accused of improperly using or selling drugs in New York, a person might immediately conjure up a particular stereotype of who that defendant might be. A professor at a criminal justice college is not likely to be the image that results. However, today, multiple professors at the College of Criminal Justice in New York City are facing these types of allegations.

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