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White Collar Crimes Archives

Couple enter guilty pleas, sentencing expected

When people in New York are accused of crimes, it is important for them to know that there is a criminal justice system that allows them to defend themselves against the charges. This process may end up providing them the opportunity to be acquitted of charges. It may also allow them to be found guilty of charges that are less severe than those they originally faced. There are multiple scenarios that may play out through a defense including through a potential appeal.

Defining wire fraud

With so much business being conducted online these days, the opportunity for companies and private parties to be defrauded has perhaps never been higher. This may cause some who go through poor business dealings to be quick to accuse partners and brokers of trying to take advantage of them. While a person or organization accused of this may view such an allegation as being little more than baseless accusations made out of frustration, such charges should still be taken seriously. They may easily end up being classified as wire fraud

Basics of Ponzi scheme allegations

Investors, entrepreneurs and others in New York who are interested in finding new ways to grow their wealth and pursue new business interests know that sometimes they need to be careful about which ventures they participate in. With fraud being a concern in today's world, accurate records and other documentation is important. So too is an understanding of what types of things may raise a flag to outside persons unnecessarily.

New York's white collar criminal uncertainty

Standing as the global hub of international business, it comes as no surprise that New York is also host to a number of white collar crimes. While nonviolent, white collar crimes typically involve the manipulation of finances and are usually committed by professionals in business and government. Although types of white collar crimes such as of forgery, embezzlement and falsifying business records can be serious, the legal repercussions that follow are often uncertain. 

Good faith vs fraud

The term “white collar crime” actually describes a wide range of criminal offenses. Ultimately, however, they all describe the same general type of activity: one engaging in deceptive practices for financial gain. Given the amount of money that may be at stake in professional transactions, it may be easy to understand why stakeholders may be so quick to accuse one of wrongdoing when a deal fails. Yet as we here at the office of Neil S. Ruskin can attest to, not every failed venture is due to deception. Thus, the potential of being accused of a white collar crime should not dissuade you from doing business.

What are some examples of white collar crime?

When it comes to white collar crime charges, the consequences can be devastating. However, it is important to keep in mind that these types of crimes take many forms and are not limited to incidents that occur within major corporations. In Brooklyn, and across all parts of New York, those who are accused of committing a white collar crime may have their lives upended in various ways. From time behind bars to costly fines and a damaged reputation, being accused of this type of offenses can shatter your life.

What is embezzlement?

Many people may have a job or professional relationship with a company in New York that provides them some level of access to assets. These assets may or may not be liquid but could all have a financial value. Whether a vice president of finance or an independent accountant, people in these situations are likely aware of the need for properly documenting their work and actions taken. One reason for this is to protect themselves against potential accusations of embezzlement.

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