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White Collar Crimes Archives

U.S. sees drop in white collar crime cases

Residents in New York might feel that they hear a lot about white collar crime cases, especially those involving some very high-profile people. This may well be due in part to the fact that New York City is the financial heart of the country. However, despite a seemingly excessive amount of media attention on these types of cases lately, recent statistics show that the number of such cases being prosecuted has dropped dramatically in recent years.

What types of corporate fraud does the FBI look out for?

The FBI reportedly coined the term "white collar crime" back in 1939, a term that has since become synonymous with a wide range of fraudulent activities that business professionals commit in New York and other locales throughout the nation. The bureau makes corporate fraud one of its highest criminal priorities not only because it causes significant financial loss to investors but also, because it causes immeasurable damage to the U.S. economy. If you are at all worried about your business dealings, it is helpful to know what the FBI views as corporate fraud so that you may avoid similar activities. 

The complex charge of larceny

Larceny is a criminal violation of New York state laws. It is a crime that entails unlawfully withholding property or taking it from its rightful owner without their consent. If you took property entrusted to you by a client or employer, you might face legal action. Neil S. Ruskin represents clients who need a defense for serious criminal charges.

Discretion in white collar sentencing

People in New York might often wonder how a particular criminal sentence is determined when a person is convicted of a crime. The reality of the matter is that there may be multiple factors taken into consideration. Some crimes may even have mandatory minimum sentences as well as maximum sentences. When it comes to sentencing a person convicted of a white collar crime, judges may have more discretion than they would when sentencing a person for a street crime.

Foreign boxer sentenced in New York

Many people in New York might not always know who could become the target of white collar crime charges in the United States. Some might believe that a person must be a U.S. citizen to face such charges. The reality of the matter is that a person does not have to be a citizen of the U.S. to be charged with offenses like conspiracy, fraud and more in this country.

An unusual event: Bail ordered during appeal

Given that New York is essentially the financial center of the country, many professionals work in the financial services industry in some fashion. This may include actively trading stocks or negotiating other financial deals. When working in this arena, there can be a fine line between savvy business acumen and what some may deem as illegal activity. In at least two cases against defendants for federal white collar crimes, the Second Circuit court has made a relatively surprising ruling that may indicate it feels this line is not always properly identified.

Jury unable to come to decision in bribery case

Upon being arrested and charged with a criminal offense, many people in New York might fear that they have little hope of defending themselves. However, the ability to do just that is an integral part of the judicial and legal systems but the way that this might happen may end up taking many interesting turns. Some situations often heard about are when a defendant is found innocent by a judge or a jury or when they enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors.

The innocent spouse rule and tax liability

New York residents who find themselves faced with the prospect of an unexpected tax bill may well need to review some actions taken by their spouses or former spouses. In some cases, one spouse may legitimately be unaware of errors on a tax return prepared by the other spouse and therefore wish to remove their personal liability for any tax debt associated with such errors. The Internal Revenue Service has what it calls the innocent spouse rule that may apply to people in this type of situation. 

Criminal charges levied against former company CIO

Most people in New York remember the publicity that last summer's announcement of a security breach involving the credit bureau Equifax generated. While other items may be making the top of the headlines today that does not mean that activity regarding this event is over. In fact, that is far from the case. 

Crossing the line into white-collar crime

The love of money, they say, is the root of all evil, and many a convicted white-collar criminal just might admit it was love of the green stuff that got them into trouble. New York businessmen and businesswomen have access to some of the most lucrative financial resources in the world, so why not take a look at some of the lines they may easily cross into fuzzy fiscal dealings?

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