Domestic violence charges may not stand up to scrutiny

Facing domestic violence charges is never something to take lightly, no matter how the charges arise. If you find yourself charged with acts of domestic violence, you should begin building a defense as quickly as possible, even if it seems like you don’t have many options at first.

Domestic violence charges are often more destructive to defendants than other kinds of charges because they can do significant damage to social reputation in a way that few other charges can.

Many defendants assume wrongly that there is little they can do to protect themselves, but this is untrue in most cases. Don’t wait any longer to discover the opportunities you may have to reduce potential sentencing or even see these charges dismissed.

Understand the evidence against you

Regardless of the kind of crime alleged against a person, a strong defense always looks at the evidence. The sooner that you begin building your legal strategy, the sooner you can examine the evidence against you and identify any weaknesses.

In many instances, there is no strong evidence to support the claims of the plaintiff. With a carefully built defense, you may have grounds to have the charges dismissed on this lack of evidence.

Does the victim want to cooperate with the prosecution?

A surprising number of domestic violence charges arise because of a misunderstanding or an exaggeration of a conflict in the home. In some cases, charges may result from reports by neighbors and nearby people who believe they observed domestic violence and report it out of concern for the people involved.

Once the heat of the moment dies down, some alleged victims may realize that the charges are not accurate or fair, or may object to the charges altogether. Typically, charges do not go away because the alleged victim decides they do not want to press them. However, if a victim chooses not to cooperate with prosecution or recants their testimony, it is more difficult for prosecution to pursue a conviction.

Understand the options that you have

Your future may depend on the defense you build, and the sooner you get to work, the better. Waiting to build your defense only gives the prosecution a head-start on building its case against you. Begin building your defense today, to ensure that your rights remain protected while you work towards a fair resolution to your domestic conflict.

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