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Arrested For DUI In New York? You Face Driver’s License Revocation If You Don’t Act!

Brooklyn Driver’s License Suspension Lawyer

After getting arrested and charged with DUI in New York, the judge will take your driver’s license at your arraignment hearing. To get it back, your defense lawyer will have to demonstrate that you should not have been stopped and charged with DUI. I have the knowledge and experience to win.

If you were arrested for first-offense or repeat-offense drunk driving in the New York City metropolitan area, call my office. Don’t wait until morning. Call me now! My office is available 24/7 to start helping you protect your driver’s license from suspension.


To win a DUI case and help you avoid losing your driver’s license, I am confident that I have the legal knowledge to win. I understand probable cause for making the traffic stop, field sobriety test procedures, Breathalyzer and blood test procedures and results and whether your civil rights were violated at any point during the entire traffic stop.

Demonstrating knowledge of the DMV hearing process and preparing a case to win in a trial is an art and a science. I have earned the respect of prosecutors all over the New York City area. I am confident that I CAN HELP YOU.

I am one of the few criminal defense attorneys in the New York City metro area who can offer more than 40 years of DUI defense trial and negotiation experience. I have a positive attitude into the prosecutor’s office and work hard toward an alternative to a misdemeanor criminal charge. By demonstrating skill and knowledge, I am often able to get the misdemeanor DUI charges reduced to a moving violation and avoid a driver’s license revocation. It is important to have the misdemeanor reduced to a violation.

Serving clients in all five boroughs in New York City, as well as Nassau County, Suffolk County and communities throughout New York.

Call my office in Brooklyn at 347-943-1892 right away. If you can’t come to my office, I can make arrangements to meet with you wherever you are. Reach me by phone right away.

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