How could Kelley Blue Book correlate with your time served?

If you’re a fan of Mercedes-Benz, you probably already appreciate the specs involved with a finely-tuned AMG engine, safety features like ATTENTION ASSIST and the status the brand carries. For some people who can’t afford these luxury vehicles, the thought of stealing one may seem tempting. But, did you know that the value of the stolen vehicle could factor into your penalties?

In New York, theft, or larceny, charges depend on what was stolen and how much it’s worth. For example, shoplifting might result in misdemeanor charges with a possible jail sentence. However, a stolen vehicle would bring grand larceny charges your way, along with more serious implications.

Grand larceny and felony charges

Grand larceny in the fourth degree may include a stolen vehicle and class E felony charge, as well as up to four years in prison. But, the value of a vehicle, or property stolen, can increase your charges as well as your penalties.

How that relates to penalties for a stolen vehicle

Stolen property valued at more than $3,000, but less than $50,000, could lead to criminal charges including third degree grand larceny. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) prices a new base model Mercedes C300 around $40,000. The theft of one could land you behind bars for up to seven years, with a class D felony on your record.

Second degree grand larceny charges correlate with a class C felony for stolen property valued over $50,000. With a KBB base price over $200,000, stealing a G65 AMG could get you locked up for up to 15 years.

Theft of a vintage $15 million 540K could put you well into the realm of grand larceny in the first degree. A 25-year sentence, and class B felony, could apply for taking this classic.

While of course not all auto thefts involve a Mercedes, and not every grand larceny charge relates to auto theft, this goes to show how greatly consequences will vary, depending on the circumstances and the level of the charges.

Even at the most serious level, an attorney can help defend against larceny charges. All things considered, a variety of circumstances may factor into your conviction and sentencing.

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