How white collar crimes affect the wives left behind

Facing charges for a white collar crime in New York is stressful enough for you, but you may also want to think about how it will affect your wife if the court finds you guilty. Life for the wives of those convicted of white collar crimes is very different. The effects of the crime are far-reaching and may have an impact on your wife and your family for a long time to come.

It does not matter if your wife stands behind you or if the criminal accusations end your marriage. The effects of even an accusation can change everything for her. The New York Post explains that such a criminal charge can make your wife question everything about your marriage. It also deeply affects her emotionally and financially.

Losing everything

For your wife, a conviction may mean she loses everything. She will probably be unable to maintain your previous lifestyle. She may have to sell your home and move out of your neighborhood. If she previously was a stay-at-home mother, she may have to go back to work and the children may have to go to day care. These are all huge changes.

The emotions

It may also be hard on your wife to deal with the fact you may have done something illegal. She is not likely to be able to go into public or talk to friends without someone bringing it up or looking at her with pity. This can bring about feelings of shame and guilt for something she was not a part of. She feels this on your behalf as well.

Financial surprises

There is also the chance of some financial surprises that can make her already precarious finances topple over. For example, tax liabilities that you could afford together are now her responsibility. The same is true for credit card debt and other debts.

There are often defense strategies for white collar crimes that could result in lower penalties, not guilty verdicts or dropped charges. Many times, prosecutors are willing to offer a plea deal, as well. Choosing the right route may make all the difference for you and your family.

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