If only avoiding conviction were as easy as filling prescriptions

Many types of drugs are so powerful, they require prescriptions for legal use. When a New York doctor writes a prescription for a particular patient, he or she is the only one legally permitted to consume the prescribed drug. Misuse of prescription medication can be just as lethal as using illegal drugs purchased on the street. In fact, alongside serious prescription medication addictions, many people throughout the nation are currently facing serious legal problems related to drug charges involving various types of prescription medications.

Do you know that prescription drugs are the most commonly misused substances in the United States after alcohol and marijuana? Some people addicted to prescription medications are as young as 14. Many students mistakenly believe others who say taking certain pills will enhance their study habits. Other people use these types of drugs to minimize pain or experience feelings of euphoria.

Beware the dangers of prescription drug misuse

While it seems harmless enough to fill a prescription a doctor signs for you (whether its purpose is to alleviate strained muscle pain, cure an infection or other situation) there are several potential dangers involved with prescription drug use of which you’ll want to be aware. Below, is a list of some of the most common problems associated with prescription drugs:

  • Adverse side effects: The problem with many prescription drugs is they not only treat whatever specific symptom or ailment a doctor may be targeting in a particular patient, but often affect other parts of the body as well. Many pain relievers and other drugs can cause nausea, drowsiness or other potentially serious side effects that can affect a person’s ability to function and/or general health condition.
  • Dangerous drug interactions: Although every doctor is obligated to take various factors into consideration before prescribing medication (such as age, weight, health history, etc.) errors involving other types of drugs that may be present in a person’s body when taking certain prescription medications can interact in dangerous ways, sometimes causing seizures, unconsciousness and/or death.
  • Potential harm from changes in form or dosage: The way a pill reacts in your body may be quite different from the reaction that would take place if you were to crush that pill and inhale the contents. Many people suffer serious injuries (or death) when they alter the form or appropriate dosage of prescription drugs.

Taking prescription medication in any manner or form other than how the doctor who prescribed it intended is potentially dangerous and considered misuse. This would include taking a prescription meant for someone else, or combining various drugs together without first consulting a physician. If you’re currently facing legal problems in New York as a result of prescription drug addiction or similarly-related issues, options may be available to seek treatment and avoid incarceration.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding complex drug offense issues may be a key factor toward protecting your personal rights and avoiding conviction.

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