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Theft Archives

What are the legal consequences for stealing packages?

"Porch pirating" is a crime New York City frequently faces, especially during the holiday seasons. In porch pirating cases, packages are stolen from mailboxes or people's porches. Many of those who partake in this theft don't realize just how much trouble they could be in if they're caught.

Types of larceny charges

If you or someone you know has been accused of some type of theft charge in New York, you may need or want to educate yourself about some of the basic terminologies used in these offenses. One of the terms you may hear reference to is larceny and there are actually multiple forms of this alleged crime.

How strong is the connection between drugs and crime?

If you or someone you know has ever been arrested for and charged with a crime in New York, you may quickly learn that even if the alleged offense did not directly involve drugs or alcohol, these substances may end up being factors in some way. Understanding the relationship between legal or illegal substances and criminal activity may be vital, especially to people who need to defend themselves against such allegations.

Robberies in new york: is poverty to blame?

Sometimes, living situations become so dire that any path to resolution can seem logical. Families across the United States suffer from poverty, which negatively affects individuals on physical, mental and emotional levels. When a robbery of any type takes place, New York law enforcement address the situation seriously. However, there are various causes for such a crime, and the factors involved in robbery can be complex when viewed through a legal lens.

Banker beats theft charges, countersues prosecution

If you work in a professional setting, criminal allegations can ruin your entire career even if you eventually beat the charges. If you do find yourself facing unfair white collar crime charges, you should do everything in your power to protect your future and defend your reputation. Sometimes, this means bringing a countersuit against the very people who charged you. After all, their mistake could cost you your livelihood.

Theft and its relatives: jostling, joyriding and fortune telling

As understood in the common law, theft in New York, New York means “larceny by trespassory taking,” according to the Criminal Jury Instructions by the New York State Unified Court System. At risk of stating the obvious, that definition might confuse rather than clarify the meaning of theft.

What should you do with lost property?

Imagine walking down any one of New York City’s streets and finding a jacket or scarf on the ground, or sitting down to eat at one of the city’s restaurants and noticing that a tablet or smartphone has been left on the table. Are you entitled to keep it? If you do, and the actual owner later finds you, could you be accused of theft? The answer depends on how you handle the situation.

Addressing false allegations of theft

From stealing credit cards to robbery and auto theft, there are a wide variety of theft accusations people find themselves facing. If you have been accused of theft, you may be unsure of how to handle the allegations and could be experiencing a great deal of anxiety. Unfortunately, some of these accusations are baseless and if you have been wrongfully accuesd of theft you need to stand up for yourself right away. Neil S. Ruskin is very familiar with the difficulties that people in this position may face in New York City and those who have been falsely accused of theft deserve a voice.

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