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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving Charges"

Drivers should beware after drinking

New York is perhaps the hub of New Year's Eve celebrations in America as countless tourists flock to the city to see the ball drop in Times Square at midnight. This is an event that is commonly central to festivities across the nation as it graces screens from coast to coast. When the ball has dropped at the start of the New Year is officially heralded, many people toast with a glass of champagne or some other alcoholic beverage. 

What happens if I get pulled over at a sobriety checkpoint?

‘Tis the season for family, friends, merriment and – sobriety checkpoints? You and other New York residents may not be surprised to see the familiar checkpoints popping up during the holiday season, but you might not know exactly what they entail.

Controversial pot breath test device developed

While more and more people in many states around the nation are able to enjoy the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, New York residents are not able to do so. However, many people in the state can use pot legally for medicinal purposes. Even while legal, this may lead people to being accused of driving while impaired. While field sobriety tests and breath test devices are used for determining a driver's level of impairment by alcohol, it has remained a challenge for law enforcement to find a way to identify impairment among drivers due to the use of pot.

State out for suspected impaired drivers

People in New York know that driving safely is important and that includes not driving when they are unable to do so safely. To some, the efforts to combat drunk driving can at times feel like society has forgotten that it is not illegal to have a drink or two before driving a vehicle. What is illegal is consuming a sufficient amount of alcohol that leads a person to be legally intoxicated. 

What is a rehab program?

When New York residents like you face a first-time DUI charge and are convicted of it, there are still options available to you. Neil S. Ruskin, attorney at law, will explain to you what rehabilitation programs are, and how they can be useful to you.

Man receives broad range for sentence

When people in New York hear about a trial for a criminal offense, they might assume that if a person is convicted of the crime, there is a set penalty associated with that offense. That is not necessarily true and in some cases, a judge might have the ability to choose within some parameters what penalties a person will face. There may also be other factors involved that may determine if a person will go to jail or prison and how much time they might actually spend there.

Batting continues over breathalyzer accuracy

People who are arrested for and charged with driving under the influence offenses in New York often provide breath samples designed to capture and identify their blood alcohol level. This information can then become critical evidence in the case against them. The accuracy of the readings provided by breath test devices is therefore something that is of great importance to prosectors, defense teams and defendants alike.

Man released from jail after drunk driving crash

People in New York who are arrested after being involved in a crash in which they were accused of being drunk will no doubt want to know how they might ever be able to defend themselves or move forward with their lives. Certainly a conviction for the involvement in an alleged drunk driving accident can have serious consequences but defendants should not give up on themselves or their futures.

What penalties will you face if convicted for a DUI?

New York City is a bustling place, with drivers packed onto every road and pedestrians on every street. For that reason, the law is tough on people who are convicted of driving while under the influence. DUI charges in New York come with some pretty hefty penalties.

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