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What are the elements of aggravated assault?

There are many ways that an altercation can get out of hand and you could find yourself on the receiving end of aggravated assault charges. These charges often carry stiffer penalties than simple assault charges, and can easily result in significant fines or even lengthy time behind bars.

Fighting federal bribery charges

Sometimes, the nature of a person's relationship to a public official becomes complicated, and could lead others to question if that relationship is entirely legal. In some cases, dealings between public officials and others may get the attention of law enforcement, and could even lead to bribery charges if the agency investigating the matter believes that it has evidence to support federal bribery charges.

Should I speak during a DUI traffic stop?

When the blue lights begin flashing in your rear view mirror, you know that you must choose your actions and words very carefully — especially if you have any alcohol in your system. How you conduct yourself and the things you do or do not say during the stop may mean the difference between a warning and DUI charges.

Defending against assault and battery charges

Nearly every person is capable of some significant act of violence, but many of us never confront the opportunity to act on this ability. It is difficult for most people to claim that they would never, under any circumstances, commit an act of violence. Still, acts of violence are a particularly divisive issue for our entire society. Talking heads romanticize or villainize those who commit violence, or television and movies that depict it.

Navigating New York gun laws

Guns are an unavoidably complicated issue for nearly everyone in the country, and a person's understanding of guns and their value or use may vary wildly depending on where that person lives or what socioeconomic pressures he or she experiences.

Understanding burglary, theft and robbery

In conversation, many people use the terms theft, robbery and burglary to refer to some form of stealing. However, in the eyes of the law, and specifically the eyes of a judge considering charges, these are all very different terms with important distinctions among them.

Defend your rights against domestic violence charges

If you recently received domestic violence charges, your next few steps are very important. Until you're the one facing such charges, you may hold broad assumptions about anyone who gets accused of domestic violence. Then again, when the charges hang around your own neck, you may suddenly realize that there is a great deal of room for nuance and misunderstanding when law enforcement hands out domestic violence charges.

Yes, you should always fight cocaine possession charges

Despite shifting public attitudes toward marijuana, other drugs still regularly lead to much harsher penalties than you might expect. Here in New York City, many people assume that the laws are not very strict because of the city's reputation as a hub of progressive voters. However, drug possession is still a serious crime, especially for much less publicly favored substances like cocaine.

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