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Did a retailer unreasonably detain you for shoplifting?

A person may face accusations of shoplifting for any number of reasons, some legitimate and some baseless. However, even if a retailer catches a person shoplifting, they have very limited abilities to detain that person, and often far overstep their authority when dealing with shoplifting suspects.

Common examples of drug crimes

Everyone knows that a drug crime involves an illegal substance, but not everyone is familiar with the various ways that you can get in trouble with the law regarding illegal substances.

Can I challenge the results of a breathalyzer?

Many of us pay specific attention to the number of drinks that we have in a given night, and may even space out drinks with glasses of water to maintain sobriety more easily. However, even for those who take special care to remain in control while drinking may find that they are technically over the limit if an officer stops them and administers a sobriety test.

Avoiding a DUI during the holiday weekend

Christmas is just a few weeks away, followed by New Year's Eve. This is a time of parties and festivities, and also one of the most dangerous times of the year for drivers. These are holidays that promote drinking, and, as a result, there are many more drunk-driving-related crashes than at other times of the year.

What are the elements of aggravated assault?

There are many ways that an altercation can get out of hand and you could find yourself on the receiving end of aggravated assault charges. These charges often carry stiffer penalties than simple assault charges, and can easily result in significant fines or even lengthy time behind bars.

Fighting federal bribery charges

Sometimes, the nature of a person's relationship to a public official becomes complicated, and could lead others to question if that relationship is entirely legal. In some cases, dealings between public officials and others may get the attention of law enforcement, and could even lead to bribery charges if the agency investigating the matter believes that it has evidence to support federal bribery charges.

Should I speak during a DUI traffic stop?

When the blue lights begin flashing in your rear view mirror, you know that you must choose your actions and words very carefully — especially if you have any alcohol in your system. How you conduct yourself and the things you do or do not say during the stop may mean the difference between a warning and DUI charges.

Defending against assault and battery charges

Nearly every person is capable of some significant act of violence, but many of us never confront the opportunity to act on this ability. It is difficult for most people to claim that they would never, under any circumstances, commit an act of violence. Still, acts of violence are a particularly divisive issue for our entire society. Talking heads romanticize or villainize those who commit violence, or television and movies that depict it.

Navigating New York gun laws

Guns are an unavoidably complicated issue for nearly everyone in the country, and a person's understanding of guns and their value or use may vary wildly depending on where that person lives or what socioeconomic pressures he or she experiences.

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