Navigating New York gun laws

Guns are an unavoidably complicated issue for nearly everyone in the country, and a person’s understanding of guns and their value or use may vary wildly depending on where that person lives or what socioeconomic pressures he or she experiences.

There are few issues with quite as wide a variety of laws on the books that may change drastically from state to state, or, in the case of New York, even vary within the state itself.

If you find yourself facing some form of gun charges, or if you worry that you have not dotted your t’s and crossed your i’s as a gun owner in New York, it is always wise to refresh yourself on the basic gun laws of the state.

Should you find yourself in trouble with the law because of alleged improper ownership or carriage of a gun, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of defending against gun charges in New York. Proper legal guidance can ensure that your rights as a gun owner remain protected.

Do you need a special license in New York to own a gun?

Part of what makes New York such a peculiar state for gun ownership is that the laws differ depending on where in the state you are. If you’re in a cabin up in the Adirondacks, the laws are likely a bit looser than if you live in Brooklyn.

In fact, generally speaking, rifle and shotgun ownership and carriage in upstate areas does not require special licensure, while basically any gun ownership inside New York City does.

Outside of New York City, a person does not need a permit to purchase a rifle or shotgun, does not need a license to own a rifle or shotgun, does not need to register a rifle or shotgun, and does not need a permit to carry a rifle or shotgun.

Contrastingly, a person in New York City must obtain all of these licenses and permits.

When it comes to handguns, all New York residents throughout the state must obtain a permit to purchase them, license to own them, must register the guns with proper authorities, and must obtain a proper permit to carry a handgun outside of his or her home.

Does my license remain valid outside of New York?

If you choose to leave the state, you should do your homework about the legality of carrying your weapons across certain state lines. While many states do recognize New York’s permits, not all states do. In fact, Vermont is the only permit-recognizing state that shares a border with New York, so you may face some difficulty on a hunting road trip if you don’t plan ahead and obtain proper permits for the states you plan to travel through.

Build a strong team to defend your rights

If you do find yourself on the receiving end of gun charges, do not panic. You may have many more options than you realize. You can consult with an experienced defense attorney to review the specifics of your case and identify strong strategies to defend against the charges and protect your rights and a citizen and gun owner.

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