Sex Offenses Against Minors

Charged With A Sex Crime Against A Child? Call Me Now!

I am Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer Neil S. Ruskin. Since I started practicing law in 1975, I have seen assistant district attorneys in New York City try everything to get a conviction when prosecuting someone charged with a sex offense against a minor.

If you have been questioned by the police or have already been arrested and charged with a sex crime against a child, don't say another word to the police or prosecutor without having the legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer like myself at your side. Any type of a sex offense on your record is bad enough. A sex offense against a minor will destroy your future forever.

Don't Give The Prosecutor A Head Start. Call Now To Start An Aggressive Defense.

WILL FIGHT TO WIN FOR YOU. I am available for emergencies – 24 hours a day – 365 days a year! Don't give the prosecutor a head start! If you need quick representation, do not hesitate to CALL ME for IMMEDIATE HELP!

I am tough, strong and ready to help you! CALL ME NOW to discuss the circumstances of your arrest and charges against you. In many cases, police may have violated your rights against illegal search and seizure. I will start motions to suppress illegal evidence immediately.

I am committed to winning and will prepare the strongest, clearest case possible to help you avoid a conviction and jail time. I can't promise an outcome, but I will promise this: Nobody fights harder to win! I have handled hundreds of sex crimes cases in more than 40 years of private practice and my record and reputation are legendary!

I have won thousands of cases – far too many to list. I have appeared on television and been heard on the radio discussing my cases. I have been written up in the local New York newspapers. The cases I have won include rape and sexual assault of a minor. Call me now to discuss my proven record.

I believe in myself and my ability to win for my clients! I AM EXCELLENT in every situation and I NEVER GIVE UP until you are satisfied with the results and get what you want.

I will go to trial if necessary and if not, I will negotiate to make the best deal for you! My goal is winning and keeping you out of jail! I have been described as a "FEARLESS FIGHTER" and a "SUPER ATTORNEY"!


Call my office in Brooklyn at (718) 237-1547 or send an email message to request a return call to arrange a free consultation. If you can't come to me I will come to you. Calling my office in Brooklyn is the fastest way to get me on your side right away.

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