Defending against assault and battery charges

Nearly every person is capable of some significant act of violence, but many of us never confront the opportunity to act on this ability. It is difficult for most people to claim that they would never, under any circumstances, commit an act of violence. Still, acts of violence are a particularly divisive issue for our entire society. Talking heads romanticize or villainize those who commit violence, or television and movies that depict it.

In the legal world, acts of violence generally warrant harsher punishments than other nonviolent crimes, so it is never wise to face such charges without a proper defense. Assault accusations may seem like small time charges that get thrown around after a bar fight, but they may still come with a ruling that could include hefty fines and even jail time.

If you or someone you know recently received assault charges, you need to take quick action to properly prepare yourself and protect your rights. An experienced attorney can give you the tools to understand the scope of your case and identify strengths to anchor your defense and protect your rights.

Did you commit an act violence at all?

In some cases, you may face charges of an act violence that you honestly did not commit. Whether this is because of a case of mistaken identity or because someone has accused you of something you did not do, you have every right to fight this kind of unfair charge. Depending on the severity of the crime, the absence of any documentation confirming you committed the act may work in your favor.

Were you defending yourself?

Self-defense is a very common defense against assault charges. Courts are generally willing to consider a self-defense plea as long as the circumstances of the act of violence meet certain standards.

  • Did you perceive a threat of harm against you or someone else?
  • Did the other party physically assault you?
  • Did you provoke the other party?
  • Could you reasonably escape without violence?

These factors may influence whether a court recognizes your actions as self defense or action taken to defend someone else.

Protect your future quickly

Assault charges can not only result in hefty fees and and jail time, they can affect your social and professional relationships. It is very important to respond with strength to these charges. An experienced attorney can help you build a sturdy defense to allegations of physical assault, and protect your rights and future.

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