Real People – Honest Testimonials/Recommendations

“I can’t thank Neil Ruskin enough. He gave me a life, I was in jail, he convinced me to go into a program that he fought to get me. I am out of the program, working & engaged to be married. Neil Ruskin is the best” – A. M.

“I would recommend Neil Ruskin to everybody, I had 4 cases and was looking at serious jail time. Mr. Ruskin saved my life, he convinced the D.A. to give me a program to stay out of jail. I am in college now and owe it all to him.” – Al M.

As I Did For These People, I WILL Fight Hard To WIN For You!

“I was arrested and charged with rape, I was facing 25 years. Mr. Ruskin took my case to trial, I was found not guilty by a jury, I owe him my life. He did an excellent job, he saved me.” – B. P.

“My name is Kris T., I interned for Attorney Neil Ruskin, during the Summer of 2011. Neil is an excellent, talented attorney, who never quits until the job is done right. Simply put, Neil Ruskin fights to win. I am in Law School now and happy that I had the opportunity to work with Neil” – Kris T.

“Mr. Ruskin represented me in 2011-12, he fought for the best decision, not just any decision. He fights and does not give up. I recommend him to everybody, he is terrific. He saved my job and my future” – J. G.

“Neil Ruskin represented me twice, he kept me out of jail & saved my job. He fights for you and wins! Hire him!” – J. K.

“Neil Ruskin handled 4 cases for me, I have no criminal record because of him. He is excellent.” – J. G.

“I have known Neil Ruskin for over 30 years; he has represented me and all my friends. He always does the right thing. He makes the best deals and keeps you out of jail. He wins cases and works very hard. He fights to win all the time. He is a great lawyer and a real friend. Hire him.” – S.A.

“Neil Ruskin was hired by my mother to represent me, he prepared me to testify before the grand jury. I was facing very serious charges. My case was dismissed by the grand jury. I am forever grateful to Neil Ruskin. He is a terrific attorney. I have no criminal record, the case was dismissed.” – N.R.

“Neil Ruskin represented me and my brother. He made sure to win our cases. We have no criminal record thanks to Neil Ruskin. We recommend him to everybody. ” – M.P.

“I hired Neil Ruskin to represent my daughter. He took care of everything and did a wonderful job. We felt very comfortable and recommend him to everyone. Most important my daughter was not arrested.” – T.B.

“I was arrested for felony drug possession and looking at serious jail time. I hired Neil Ruskin. He had the felony charges dismissed. I did one day community service and kept my driver’s license. He is incredible!” – M.C.

“I hired Neil Ruskin to stay out of jail. He kept his promise and did a great job. I was completely satisfied with his work. I recommend him all the time.” – A.G.

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