How Does Alternative Sentencing Work in Brooklyn, NY?

You might be eligible for alternative sentencing if you’ve been charged with a non-violent crime. These programs are known as “Alternative to Incarceration” or ATI programs.

You may also be eligible for a drug and alcohol treatment program, Treatment and Accountability for Safer Communities, or TASC, programs. 

The courts work closely with various non-profits to make these alternatives available.

ATI Programs

An ATI program requires a plea bargain. You’re given a sentence other than jail time. You meet the demands of the sentence. It is similar to a deferred prosecution agreement, where the DA agrees to drop the charges if you meet certain conditions. 

However, an ATI requires you to plead guilty, which means you’ll have a criminal record if you agree, even if you stay out of jail.

Many of these programs require you to receive mental health counseling, perform community services, or enter into a specialized program designed to help people with your specific needs. You may also be sentenced directly to probation instead of being sent to jail.

TASC Programs

TASC is a treatment alternative for people over the age of sixteen who are non-violent but have issues with alcohol and drugs. 

Many individuals who enter TASC programs overcome their drug and alcohol addictions and lead productive lives. 

Brooklyn Treatment Court is a similar option. The court would assign you a case manager to help you find a suitable community-based treatment provider. Case managers can order medical or psychological tests, help you obtain treatment insurance, and monitor you throughout the program. 

Get Help Today

Alternative sentencing is not automatic. Your lawyer must convince the courts you’re a good candidate for it. It also might not be the best option in your case.

If we can make a strong case for having your charges dropped or have a good chance of seeing you acquitted, those options may be better. We won’t know until we look at the facts of your specific case. 

Nevertheless, if you are capable of completing these programs, they can be your best path toward moving through your criminal charges with the least amount of damage done to your life, livelihood, and relationships.

To take advantage of these programs, you will need a qualified criminal attorney on your side. Contact Ruskin Law to get the help you need today. 

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