Burglary And Robbery Charges

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Assistant district attorneys are under heavy pressure to try for a conviction when prosecuting a person for burglary, robbery, home invasion or other theft or property crime in New York City. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows that winning these cases often means getting the charge dismissed on constitutional grounds such as probable cause or illegal search and seizure or suppression of evidence, or fighting to get the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor and avoiding a conviction. Right now, you need a lawyer who knows how to keep you out of jail.

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In many cases involving burglary or robbery, the successful defense lies in making sure the person charged is presented as a human being, NOT a criminal case file. That means listening to the story behind the offense to determine whether there are mental health or chemical dependency issues that led to committing the offense.

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As one of New York City’s most experienced criminal defense lawyers, I know what programs and options are available to help you get the best possible outcome for your charges. I will work diligently with the prosecutor to find an alternative to a conviction. Keeping you out of jail is my highest priority.

New York Three-Strikes Law
If your criminal charges involve violence such as assault, you face New York’s strict Three-Strikes Law. Three convictions for any felony offense involving an act of violence means you face a lifetime in prison. If you already have a strike or two on your record, you can’t afford to hope for the best. You need experienced, aggressive and effective criminal defense to make sure the Three-Strikes offense isn’t on the table.

If you are facing burglary or robbery charges, there is one very important thing you need to know: The lawyer you hire WILL make a difference in the outcome of your case. Contact my office in Brooklyn at 347-943-1892 right away. It is best to call me on the phone for the fastest response.

I provide legal counsel in all five boroughs in New York City, as well as Nassau County, Suffolk County and communities throughout New York.


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