Yes, you should always fight cocaine possession charges

Despite shifting public attitudes toward marijuana, other drugs still regularly lead to much harsher penalties than you might expect. Here in New York City, many people assume that the laws are not very strict because of the city’s reputation as a hub of progressive voters. However, drug possession is still a serious crime, especially for much less publicly favored substances like cocaine.

If you face cocaine possession charges you need to build a strong defense as soon as you can. Should you choose to let it ride and see what happens without proper representation by an experienced attorney, you could face heavy fines and even time behind bars.

Beyond these consequences, finding work or housing gets much more difficult once you have a drug conviction on your record. Many employers simply do not consider job applicants with drug convictions, and many rental companies refuse to rent to individuals with drug convictions.

Clearly, drug charges are a serious matter. With proper guidance, you can explore ways the law can help protect you from strict penalties and punishments. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney to ensure that your future does not suffer unfairly from cocaine charges.

Were your rights violated?

When you receive cocaine possession charges, the matter is very serious. However, it is only the first step in a potentially lengthy process, and an experienced attorney understands how to use many legal tools to help build a strong defense against your charges and poke holes in the prosecution’s positions.

Even in cases where you may think that the evidence against you is quite strong, you may have more leverage available than you realize.

It is crucial to carefully examine the circumstances of your arrest to identify any ways the arresting officers potentially violated your rights. In many cases, police violate a suspect’s Fourth Amendment rights. These rights are often poorly understood, but they broadly apply to a person’s right to protection from “unreasonable search and seizure.”

The details of each case are always slightly different, and the details are often the linchpin of any case, so it is important to seek out professional evaluation of your circumstances.

However, you should know law enforcement must abide by procedural guidelines that dictate when and where they can search and seize your property. If they acted in violation of those guidelines, your attorney can use this as leverage.

Build a team who knows the stakes

Building a defense against cocaine charges is one of the most important things you may undertake, and there is no need to do it alone. Without a proper defense, you risk losing many freedoms and incurring harsh fines.

A proper defense built by an experienced attorney who truly understands what you have to lose can help keep your rights secure and protect your future.

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